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Please join us for these upcoming Stockton School events:

1. South Hunterdon Board Meeting: Monday, September 22nd, at 7:00 PM, at the Stockton School.  Stockton is hosting!  Please let a PTO Officer know if you can bring snacks to the meeting.  Come meet our board and see them in action.

2. Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting: Wednesday, September 24th, at 7:00, at the Stockton School. This will be a great opportunity to receive updates on the school and give your input.  Learn about our 1:1 iPad initiative and highlights of Principal Suzanne Ivans' educational tour of Turkey.

3. International Walk to School Day: Wednesday, October 8th before and after school, weather permitting.  We are asking all parents and staff to either walk or bike to school - from your home if you live close to the school, or from the Stockton Firehouse lot if you do not.

4. PTO Meeting, Wednesday, October 8th, at 7:00 PM.  Please support our school and join in the first annual PTO meeting of the year.

REMEMBER - Check your email for school updates and the school calendar for other events, such as school field trips.

About Us

The South Hunterdon District Charter is to prepare every student to become a productive, responsible member of society, able to adapt and change, by providing the NJ Core Curriculum Standards and a positive learning environment.


t         Children will grow and succeed in an environment that is positive, caring, and respectful;

t         All children are gifted, naturally curious, and can love both the discovery of learning and the rewards of hard work;

t         Teachers need support, training, and access to a variety of instructional materials, tools, and technology to support an academically rigorous curriculum;

t         Children need structure and routines: high expectations and fair and consistent follow-through are needed for children to develop responsibility and respect for rules and procedures;

t         Parents and community play vital roles within the school; two-way participation, communication, and public service are paramount to the success of the school;

t         Our small school offers us the ability to nurture each child’s individual development and promote a community of learners.

SHRSD Campuses

  • Lambertville Public School

  • Phone: 609.397.0183
  • Stockton Borough School

  • Phone: 609.397.2012
  • West Amwell Elementary School

  • Phone: 609.397.0819
  • South Hunterdon Regional High School

  • Phone: 609.397.2060
  • District Office

  • Phone: 609.397.1888